Playlists und Fanarts! [#ShadesofMagicTour]

You won’t believe ist but the Shades of Magic-Trilogy has some fanart and playlists!


So I will show you some of the best and coolest fanart (*swwwoooonnn* They are so beautiful!) and the official playlist of the trilogy and my own! (Yes, I designed a playlist for this! *Have no life, huh?)


(Design by:


We start with the brand new official art! Victoria has released this on her Twitter page and I seriously think they are GORGEOUS! Just look at them:


And they are all so completely gorgeous and fitting to be our beloved characters! This Anime style is so off-the-series but so fitting as well. Love it!


And there is my queen, Delilah Bard! I love her! Really, really, really love her!

So she has black hair to the chin, brown eyes and sharp features which are awesomely represented here!

She really looks like a demon sometimes but this is just like Lila is. A little bit deadly, a little bit sarcastic and absolutely herself in every way. She wants to see everything, be a pirate and fight like because she wants to feel alive.

Not to mention that she is the best thief in every way and intelligent, bright and stunning in her quick reactions.

Lila Bard, the crazy lady who fights to feel alive!


There is my little guy Kell! Totally awesome, totally himself!

With his red hair, his one blue and one totally black eye, he is the Antari of Red London.

His coat has multiple layers and can be anything he wishes for!

Kell can perform all sorts of magic, including blood magic and is fascinating and lonely at the same time.

Although he and his brother Kell have the closest relationship you could imagine, he is lonely, because his Antari-ness sets him apart from all others. He wanders around, dreams of freedom and feels slightly restless with his magic growing.

My little Kell with his constan frown, who wants to fight because he would die if he wouldn’t!


Prince Rhy Maresh, future king of the Kingdom, and most popular bachelor of the kingdom trusts in his good looks, his charisma and – of course – his royalness.

He is a man of the people, the future king he is, and i known to be stunningly beautiful.

He spends most of his time celebrating and surrounding himself with beautiful people, events that Kell does not want to attend.

He wants to be king but fears the responsibility, wants to be important and works hard for it.

Rhy is by all means a good brother, a good prince and a good lover. But will he be a good king?


So here we have Holland! The second Antari who was controlled by the gruelsome Dane Twins and is the Ying to Kells Yang, but this Ying and Yang is a deadly pairing.

The two Antari could be company of each other and understand each other since they are the only ones in the universe but they both strive to kill the other based on an ancient rivalry.

Nobody fully understands the White Antari but he is a tortured soul – if there is any left of it. Fully controlled by the Dane Twins he cannot do anything he wants and is a slave in his own body.

But he hast a strong heart, a functioning guilt system and wants to help his world as it is clearly dead for too long.

But what do you do if magic itself is talking to you?


And there is Alucard. The captain, the magician, the lover.

We meet him in Part Two of the trilogy and with his good looks, his sassy attitude and the good magic, he is fascinating but has some secrets too.

He is so well pictured in this! The dark skin, the pirate-like clothes and the (mostly) dark hair! And of course the golden jewelry!

The captain – hated by Kell – comes back in Part Two to be part of a magician competition in Red London is always good for a surprise!

Alucard will surprise you in every way possible and you will love it!

All together!


And here is a absolutely fan art I found which contains them all! Isn’t it the best? They are so incredibly beautiful sketched!

I love the way their features stand out and characterize them! It is such a lovely beauty!


Here’s the official playlist of the Darker Shades series and seriously: I LOVE IT! It’s highly alternative and very very cool! The songs are dark but hopeful, cool but not-well-known, serious and funny, heartbreaking and lighthearded. A perfect mix for everyone!

And here is my own playlist! I seriously think that it is very good! (My level of self esteem is way too high, my friends :D)

But I think I implented almost every aspect of the series quite well! Tell me what you think of it!

My favourite songs are “No Roots” (Lila, of course!), “Demons” (because Kell and Holland!) and “He’s a Pirate” (Alucard and Lila! No question!)

Hear it and tell me what you think of it!


Do you like the fanart of ADSOM? Which is your favourite? Do you know other series with beautiful fanart? And which playlists do you like best? What songs would you choose? And most important: Do you know other series with official playlist? (#NEEDTHEMASAP!)



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